At the right time


The olives, once harvested, are taken immediately to the oil mill, where they are ground to a paste within 24 hours of when they were growing on the tree. Next, the paste goes through a mixing process, called malaxing, at a temperature always lower than 27ºC, and the oil is extracted using a decanter centrifuge. This whole process is undertaken without using any kind of chemical agent or process that might alter the composition of the oil. This ensures that we obtain the highest quality oil with all its physical, chemical and organoleptic properties intact. Next we transfer the oil to our storehouse, where it is left in conical-bottomed stainless steel tanks, in an environment suitable to keep the oil in top condition. In this process, called racking, over the course of the first month any remaining plant water is extracted from the oil by gravity. We find this process preferable to filtering, since the oil retains a greater quantity of the polyphenols that are so beneficial to health. Finally, and only to order, we bottle our oil in glass bottles, completely opaque so that they give it the greatest protection from light and from oxidation. This means that the oil keeps better in the bottle.